The Jurisdiction

Belize is an independent sovereign country, beautiful by nature, located on the Caribbean coast of Central America. It is bordered by Mexico to the north, Guatemala to the west and south, and by the Caribbean Sea to the east. It has an area of approximately 9,000sq miles being 174 miles at its longest point and 68 miles at its widest point. The total population is estimated at over 300,000 with the major commercial center being Belize City. The population of Belize is ethnically diverse including descendants of the original Mayan culture, English settlers and other Caucasians, Creoles, Garifuna, Chinese, Middle Eastern and East Indians. English is the official and spoken language but Spanish is widely spoken as well. Belize is approximately two hours by plane from the major US hubs such as Miami, Dallas and Houston. Direct flights are available via international carriers such as American, Continental, Delta and TACA airlines. The climate is subtropical with an average temperature of 80 F. The local currency is the Belize dollar which is tied to the US dollar with a fixed exchange rate of BZ$2=US$1

The combination of excellent service, modern corporate and fiscal legislation affords an attractive environment for the global investor.