Request for Expression of Interest for Consultancy Services


Request for Expression of Interest for Consultancy Services

(Firm Selection)



  1. Integrate the digital processes amongst key entities to ensures connectivity and data sharing incorporating systems integrated solutions such as API; and,
  2. Create a front-end system for real time online services to the public.  Also, it acquires a web-based solution that facilitates all functions of the Registries, integration of all users/entities/sub-entities and streamlines or standardized their processes along a modular system to allow for future integration and growth.
  3. The Consulting Firm should incorporate the design specification, system configuration, customization, quality assurance and change management requirements.
  4. Conduct training, and develop an operational manual, and monitor short term outputs during the life of the consultancy.

The detailed terms of reference for the consultancy can be requested from

Expressions of interest must be submitted to the Deputy Registrar of the International Business Companies Registries by January 31st, 2019 at 12:00am Central Standard Time at: and copied to


The Government of Belize shall not be bound to defray any costs incurred by applicants in preparing and submitting statements of capability.

Click here for full Expression of Interest.


Government of Belize

Department: International Business Companies Registry of Belize

Attention: Santiago Gonzalez – Project Team Leader