Frequently Asked Questions

What is an International Business Company (IBC)?

An International Business Company or IBC as it is commonly called is a legal entity with limited liability that is normally used as an investment vehicle and is fully exempt from paying any form of tax in Belize.

What are IBCs most commonly used for?

IBCs are commonly used for asset protection, offshore banking, to conduct international trade and investment activities.

Why choose Belize to register an IBC?

Belize is a popular jurisdiction for offshore company formation due to its English-based legal system. The IBC legislation was based on the British Virgin Island model. In addition, full-ranged, high-tech and international offshore banking services empower Belize as an ideal jurisdiction for offshore business.

Are IBCs subject to any taxes?

The Belize IBC enjoys total exemption from all forms of taxation in Belize including stamp duty.

How can I incorporate a Belize IBC?

All IBCs must be incorporated through a duly licensed Registered Agent. A list of the duly licensed Registered Agents is provided on our website for your information.

How long does it take to form an IBC?

A Belize IBC is incorporated within 24 hours.

In what languages can an IBC be incorporated?

A Belize IBC can be incorporated in any language (provided a properly translated English version is also submitted).

Are Bearer Shares allowed?

No, Bearer Shares are no longer allowed.

Can an IBC have shares of no par value?

Yes, Belize IBCs can have shares with no par value. This must be stated in the Memorandum and Articles of Association, and is priced differently from IBCs with standard authorized share capital.

What information is provided in a Company Search?

A company search provides the following information:

  1. Company name
  2. Company Number
  3. Incorporation Date
  4. Authorized Capital
  5. Name of Registered Agent
  6. Registered Office Address
If I already have an IBC, can I have it registered

Yes. This procedure is called “Continuation” or “Re-domiciliation”. The IBC act provides for companies incorporated in a jurisdiction outside of Belize to be continued in Belize, so long as it satisfies the requirements prescribed for a Belize IBC.